How to Get Nursing Jobs in Germany

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two nurses working in germany

Are you a registered nurse or an experienced health worker dreaming to work in Germany? Here’s our guide on how you can get a nursing job in Germany and make your dream a reality.

Nurses have always been in demand in Germany. This is because of the high quality of life its citizens have. A large portion of their population gets to enjoy their lives and live well into old age. The life expectancy in the country also continues to increase. As a result, the demand for people to deliver health services to these people also continues to rise.

pinay nurse in germany

To meet the demands for healthcare workers, their government has launched a recruitment effort to encourage foreign nurses and caregivers to relocate to Germany. One of them is the Sponsored German Language Training program.

What is the Sponsored German Language Training/ Nursing Program?

This is a Work in Germany program that specifically caters to registered nurses and healthcare professionals. And it’s pretty straight-forward. In this program, an employer/ agency sponsors or pays for the German language training of a qualified nurse/ healthcare worker prior to their deployment to the country.

Knowledge of the German language is crucial in this job since you’ll be tasked with taking care of people who mostly only speak German. All the patients’ health reports and documentations, relaying medication instructions, as well as communicating with the patients’ family members will all be done in German.

How Does the Program Work?

Mind Your Language Training Center has several partner agencies/ employers in Germany who are in constant need of Filipino nurses and healthcare workers.

The first step in this program is to submit your qualifications to us for assessment by our partner agency/ employer.

You’ll then get a scheduled interview/ orientation together with our partner agency/ employer.

After the assessment stage, you may enroll with Mind Your Language and commence your German language training.

The courses you’ll be taking during the training are from the A1 level until the B2 level.

(Your tuition for the A1 level training shall be refunded by our partner agency/ employer upon passing the B2 certification exam.

Meanwhile, the A2, B1, B2, and B2 Review shall be subsidized by our partner employer in Germany.)

After your training and B2 review, you’ll be taking the certification exam (OSD, TELC, or Goethe certification exam) required by your employer. Once you pass, the partner agency shall begin processing your visa application.

What are the requirements for A Nursing Job in Germany?

Do you think you’re ready to put in the work of learning an entirely new language to be able to work in Germany? If you are, then let’s go over the qualifications our partner agencies/ employers are looking for:

German Partner 1 Qualifications:

  • Male and Female
  • At least 2 years of nursing experience in a hospital
  • At least 3 years for non-hospital experience
  • An age of up to 37 years old


German Partner 2 Qualifications:

  • Open for 1-year experience, maybe more than 27 years old
  • For those with no experience, applicants should be up to 27 years old
  • Male and Female


German Partner 3 Qualifications:

  • At least 2 years of hospital experience
  • An age of up to 33 years old
  • Male and Female

Do you meet the qualifications of any of our partner employers in Germany? If yes, then don’t miss your chance to work abroad. Contact us today and start learning the German language. Learn the language now, get a job later!

How about the Non-Nursing/ Healthcare Professionals? Can they still find a job in Germany?

Yes, they most certainly can! Aside from the Nursing program, the German government has other Study and/or Work in Germany Programs in place for non-professional health workers.

In the next, we’ll break down the different Work and/or Study in Germany Programs you can look into.

Stay tuned!