How to Learn a New Language during the Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has held the entire world in a standstill. All flights have been canceled, movements restricted, business establishments shut down, parks closed, work and recreational activities suspended, even schools. So, if you’re a language learner, you might’ve wondered how you can learn a new language.

Most educational institutions have taken advantage of the Internet to deliver education to children in a safe environment. As an adult language learner you, too, can do the same. Fortunately, there are several ways you can continue (or start) learning your target language even during this period of quarantine.

Ways to Learn a New Language

Watch TV shows and movies in your target language

Watching shows/ movies in your target language provides numerous benefits. It’s a great way to enhance your listening skills, learn new words and expressions, as well as the correct pronunciation of words. It also provides a clear context for the usage of certain words and expressions.

But this method has its limitation. It doesn’t work for very new learners as it requires higher levels of proficiency. The same is true with listening to music or podcasts in your TL.

Watch YouTube tutorials

There is an overwhelming number of YouTube channels that provide free language lessons so finding one to follow should be easy. And unlike watching movies or shows, this method works even if you’re a total beginner. That’s because content creators in this niche carefully craft their lessons starting from the basics to advanced levels.

The good thing is that you can watch certain lessons for free. Some even hold video live streaming where they answer real-time questions from their subscribers or “students”. The downside is that these content creators limit the amount of information they share in their videos to prompt their audience to sign-up and pay for more detailed video lessons.

Follow and read language blogs

If you’re more of a reader, then reading language blogs is great for you. Just like YT tutorials, you can find numerous blogs on the Internet that provide written language lessons. What’s great about it is that most blogs offer more detailed explanations about grammar and expressions for free.

Use learning apps

Learning apps are great for learning grammar and putting those lessons to practice. There are tons of learning apps you can download and conveniently use on your mobile phone. Some are even willing to give you a free trial to test if the app will work for you.

But there’s one that provides its service for free – Duolingo. It is becoming increasingly popular among language learners due to its costlessness. All you need is an Internet connection or data, and you can access all the lessons and drills on the app.

Another favorite among language learners is Busuu. Tagged as one of the best language learning apps, it offers lessons for 12 languages organized into different units and topics, depending on your level. The flip side is that it requires a monthly subscription.

But what's the BEST way to learn?

Out of all the available options, it all comes down to your personal preferences. It also depends highly on how serious you are to learn a specific language. If you’re really serious about it and have an objective in mind, this last option might work best for you:

Enroll in an online language course

The problem with the above-mentioned methods is that you don’t get to put your skills to the test in real life. Sure, learning apps give you drills and tests, but they can get too repetitive and can’t provide a real-life context. It’s also tricky to gauge your own progress when you’re doing it all alone.

Also, keep in mind that the reason why you learn a new language is to communicate with other people. So, the best way to learn to communicate with other people is to learn with and from other people. Besides, if you’re gonna have to take money out of your pocket, you need to make sure that that money won’t go down the drain.

The most foolproof way to do so is to enroll in our online language courses. With us, you’ll be trained by native, trained, and certified language teachers. You’ll also get access to essential lessons that will build your vocabulary, enhance your grammar, and your overall usage of the language.