two nurses working in germany

How to Get Nursing Jobs in Germany

Are you a registered nurse or an experienced health worker dreaming to work in Germany? Here’s our guide on how you can get a nursing job in Germany and make your dream a reality. Nurses have always been in demand in Germany. This is because of the high quality of life its citizens have. A…

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4 Basic German Greetings (An Infographic)

Learning a new language can be intimidating. But you can overcome learning anxiety with the help of effective learning tools. It can come in the form of index cards, mnemonics, bulleted notes, and infographics. These tools are effective because they allow learners to absorb and retain sizable amount of information quickly. So, to help you…

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Most Common Foreign Languages for Filipinos

Image source Filipinos are known as great English teachers. A lot of foreigners come to our country to learn the language, specifically Koreans and Japanese. There are even a lot of Filipino teachers that go abroad to teach English. We’re always the ones that teach. But who teaches us? And what languages do Filipinos actually…

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How to Learn a New Language during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has held the entire world in a standstill. All flights have been canceled, movements restricted, business establishments shut down, parks closed, work and recreational activities suspended, even schools. So, if you’re a language learner, you might’ve wondered how you can learn a new language. Most educational institutions have taken advantage of the…

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a German grammar book for language learning

Why You Should Learn a Second Language

With today’s technology, almost everything is possible. Access to large amounts of information has made it a lot easier to learn anything. This reality alone is a good reason why you should learn a second language. The abundance of learning apps, blogs, online language courses, and free tutorials on the Internet has made it easy…

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