About Us

Mind Your Language is a language center that equips students with the essential communication skills needed in finding employment abroad.

Initially established as an online school, we aim to provide flexible learning methods that'll work best for our students. Our team is comprised of individuals experienced in the field of language learning. We came together to establish a language school in Manila that'll provide an effective and goal-oriented curriculum that delivers results.

As a Language School,

Our instructors specialize in providing language training for nurses and health workers to help them succeed in certification exams required for study and/or work abroad programs. We also offer courses for English learners looking to strengthen their skills in the said language.

As a Learning Partner,

We don’t just teach a language. Our experienced & certified faculty also teaches our students how to apply their language skills in the real world. In the form of mock exams, they prepare our students for important certification exams.


Get a unique learning experience!

Why Choose Us?

We have an online platform that allows for easy access to our training programs.

We have partner employers abroad that allow for our students’ seamless transition from training to studying and/or working abroad.

We offer intensive training with highly competitive pricing. We are transparent about our processes to put our partners and students at ease.

We maintain regular contact with our students and partner employers for the entire duration of the training program.

We conduct periodical evaluation and enhancement programs to help students achieve their language goals.